Avoiding Court - Separation & Divorce
  • Avoid Lengthy, Costly Legal Battles
  • Focus on Children/Family Concerns
  • Reduce stress and emotional anxiety
  • Receive Expert Guidance
  • Maintaining Dignity and Integrity
  • Achieve Long-Term, Reasonable Solutions
  • Moving Forward with Your Lives
Financial costs can be devastating and long-lasting when the court system is used following a family breakdown. Parents jostling to improve their position in court can harm their children and put their assets at risk.

Decisions made in the high pressure environment of a lawsuit can last a lifetime.

Lawyers and other professionals have sought alternatives to the destructive impact of family litigation. Collaborative Family Law has been preferred by many and has gained recognition all over North America as the common sense approach in resolving issues in family breakdowns.

Collaborative Family Law focuses energy and resources to creating fair, long-lasting settlements. It is designed to eliminate the bitterness, rivalry, hostility and one-upmanship that a lawsuit can often create.

Collaborative family lawyers receive special training to actively engage their clients in meaningful problem solving about issues involving their future and the long-term impact of separation on their lives.

Collaborative Family Law tends to be less expensive, and ultimately more effective than traditional approaches.

Collaborative Law - Alternative to Court